30 October 2011

Rejection #31: Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Thanks very much for sending this story to _Beneath Ceaseless Skies_. Unfortunately, it's not quite right for us.  I liked the set-up of Elisabet's situation and the feel that she was being unfairly adjudicated, but when the story jumped to the township and Elisabet as Ice Queen, with the long jumps in time, I lost my earlier feel for her goals and stakes and personality as a character.

I appreciate your interest in our magazine.  Please feel free to submit again.


Scott H. Andrews
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
_Beneath Ceaseless Skies_

Notes: HEY! A PERSONALIZED REJECTION! That's almost like getting accepted.

20 October 2011

Rejection #30 Hippocampus

Thank you for sending us "Survival of the Fiction". We appreciated the chance to read it; however, we are unable to accept your submission at this time. We wish you the best of luck finding a home for it.

Thanks again for your interest in Hippocampus. We hope you will consider submitting to us again in the future.

All the best,
Hippocampus Magazine

Note: Non-Paying Market Rejections Really Sting

17 October 2011

Rejection #29: Daily SF


Thank you for submitting your story, "Where the Lights Go", to Daily Science Fiction. Unfortunately, we have decided not to publish it. To date, we have reviewed many strong stories that we did not take. Either the fit was wrong or we'd just taken tales with a similar theme or any of a half dozen other reasons.

Best success selling this story elsewhere.

- Jonathan & Michele, Daily Science Fiction