31 March 2008

rejection #6: human traffick essay contest

unfortunately, i think this one was political.

oh well...it's a good essay i might shop elsewhere.

btw: www.lawrencelawson.net is live (and almost finished).

19 March 2008

rejection #5: Zyzzyva

onward indeed.

17 March 2008

rejection #4: Coe Review

"Thank you for your submission but our fiction deadline for our Spring
2008 edition has already passed. If you would like to resubmit your
works anytime after December 1, 2008 we would appreciate it. Readings
begin in January and the final deadline is February 15, for the 2009
fiction edition. We will not keep your submission until next December
and encourage you to resubmit anytime after then. For more information
please consult our website at http://public.coe.edu/coereview/. If you
have any more questions please email us back. Thank you again and we
hope to hear from you soon."

at least now I know the date their deadline falls upon. until now, despite my sleuthing, i had not been able to disinter that gem from the earth.


13 March 2008

one down, one up

well, i'll say this: getting a rejection (or, in this case, assuming one) inspires me to turn around and put my work back out there.

i just submitted a (much improved) proposal to the Ace/Roc Sci-Fi & Fantasy imprint (under Penguin). they also received the first ten pages of my novel (the prologue, basically).

the turn-around there is three months, which is my goal to finish the novel to get it ready to send out, in whole form, to TOR (if Ace/Roc rejects it).

if you're interested, here's my query:

Ace/Roc Science Fiction & Fantasy
Penguin Group USA
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

Dear Editors,

My 160,000 word novel, The Aria of Davin Ford: Midnight Quit of Starlight, is a supernatural fantasy epic reminiscent of the works of George R. R. Martin coupled with the presence of alternate realities suggestive of the works of Stephen King.

Works of fantasy are popular and profitable, showcased by the success of several quality series (Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series, and King’s The Dark Tower septet to name a few). Midnight Quit of Starlight follows in the tradition of these masterpieces, but, like them, it forges its own way.

Davin Ford has reappeared in Ashorne, and, in its wake, the phantasmagoric fortress has brought a long-forgotten malice to the world. Battling walking falcons, telekinetic demons, and the wicked dreams of children, a network of brave women and men must discover the secrets of Davin Ford before its lord, the regal skeleton known as Raed, adds Ashorne to his growing collection of ensnared worlds.

Among those fighting against Raed is a pregnant, abused woman who will do anything to save her mute child; a forgotten princess who, risking her own life, seeks to unshackle her homeland from an evil that will devour it; and an aged vampire hunter turned sea captain who earns a job he can't refuse. The battle storms through the landscapes of an alternate California, modern Ukraine, ancient Rome, and parallel worlds that might have been if history had been different. Midnight Quit of Starlight ends with the siege of Davin Ford and a demand for answers that cannot be given.

Filled with mutant, mythical beasts; daylight vampires; sentient zombies; a nexus of alternate worlds; and a cast of memorable characters, this novel will test the will of its heroes and villains and lead both down paths where the terms ‘enemy’ and ‘friend’ are irrelevant.

Midnight Quit of Starlight should fit in well alongside your other titles, such as Butcher’s Codex Alera and Kurtz’s Deryni Chronicles, though Midnight Quit of Starlight is a unique story.

My short fiction has appeared at perigee-art.com where my supernatural stories have twice won awards in the e-magazine’s fiction contests. My non-fiction has appeared in Worldview magazine and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Midnight Quit of Starlight is the first novel in an epic series.

As stated in your guidelines, I’ve included the first ten pages of my novel. I thank you for considering Midnight Quit of Starlight.

Warm Regards,
Lawrence Lawson

rejection #3: Donald Maass Agents

i'm just going to call this one. they respond within three weeks...if they like your stuff.

it's been four weeks.

i know that my proposal was terrible.

new goal: write a better proposal.

this is hard.

12 March 2008


have a short piece i'm thinking of submitting to McSweeney's. it's not as funny as i had hoped it'd be. it needs some more work. it's about jesus, blogging during the rapture. we'll see.

also, sending another piece in to zyzzyva.

hope you're having a good day.

10 March 2008

Rejection 2: McSweeney's

"Hi Lawrence -

Thanks for the look, but I’m afraid we’re not going to use this one.


Short and sweet.


08 March 2008

grief, distracted

sending a new, short (uber short) story off to zyzzyva


here's a tiny excerpt.

"Sit," Mariah’s mother says, pointing to a fir bench. The wood is polished, and I can see my face reflected back at me. I am haggard. I have been through hell and have not yet stepped out. When I left Iran, I had felt the weight of my soldierly life slip like a mantle from my shoulders. I had felt the dusty glares look away and my scarred carbine fall into the earth forever. I know now that I had only been pretending to feel anything at all.

thanks to CP and KH for helpful comments.

here's to wishing....

06 March 2008


this week as been intense here at MIIS

haven't been writing as much as i wish i could, but i'm still plugging away at rewrites.

got the one headed toward zyzzyva (within a week) and the other toward perigee before the end of the month.

also, next week is spring break, so here's my game plan:

finish my g-d fantasy novel.

finish it as far as i can take it.

can i do it?


still waiting to hear back from McSweeney's. Maybe that's good?

03 March 2008

my domain

purchased a domain today: www.lawrencelawson.net

it won't be up for a few weeks (once my friend finishes designing me a sleek site). i'll use it to showcase my work and look professional for the people whom i query about my work.

in other news, i submitted five senryu poems to McSweeney's quarterly. you should try your hand at them too--they're fun!

02 March 2008

as one leads...

...the other follows.

i sent of a flash-fiction piece to McSweeney's today, for consideration on their web-site.

we'll see how it goes.