29 February 2008

turned in...

sent in my human trafficking essay. winners announced the second week in march.

opened my Writer's Market account. some say it might be a waste of cash, but I don't go to movies--so I have some extra cash for this. getting serious here...

querying zyzzyva this weekend with a short story.

my friend CP got a rejection from McSweeney's--which is cool because it was quick, personal, and promising. way to go CP. check out his blog.

also, I started a parallel site: successes of a writer.

that's all for today.

28 February 2008

knockin' on harper's door

in harper's magazine (one of my favorite magazines) there is a readings section.

in that readings section, harper's published already published work.

you send your manuscript to harper's (readings@harpers[dot]org), you tell them which rights you are selling, and you tell them where it's already been published.

just so happens, i have several manuscripts already published at worldview and perigee

so i sent them in. can't hurt, eh? and it might add to my rejection list.

unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions they receive, i won't find out formally if my work was rejected.

the silence will have to do.

27 February 2008

chuggin' along

if i'm not working for stuff for the MA (and gosh is there a lot of stuff due soon), i'm working on my writing projects. here's what's currently on the docket.

Truthful Education and Sustainable Solutions:How We Can Combat Human Trafficking - an essay on my experience combating human traffic in Ukraine. this will be submitted to a MIIS wide Rev. William Coffin essay contest. There's a cash prize involved (some of which, if i'm lucky enough to win, i'll be routing to Ukraine into several different projects that seek to stem human trafficking via education.

grief, distracted - a horrible (for now) short story being submitted eventually to hazelst for their "steal from the best" contest. thanks to Casey P. for his honest comments. we'll see what i can do with his wise words.

'daycare' - working on for perigee's annual fiction contest. i took 1st and, before that, 2nd a few years ago. we'll see if i can three-peat.

that's all for now. i'm working on it.

26 February 2008

poetry sent out

piggybacking on last night's query letter submittal:

i sent off four different poems to two different poetry contests:

the robert frost festival



could more rejections be on the way? one can only hope.

25 February 2008

rejection 1: greenburger literary agents

this is not my first rejection in my lifetime (Lord no), but it is my first rejection for a book length proposal.

i am not discouraged; i am invigorated.

"Dear Lawrence,
I'm getting back to you about your proposed book, When A Lobster Whistles in the Mountains, which I found informative and well-written. If I knew of a publisher who could or would take on this book, I'd sign you up in a minute. Unfortunately, this book will be hard to put on their radar screens. It seems to be of interest primarily to Peace Corps volunteers, an inspirational and admirable group, but not large. Also, it takes place mostly in the Ukraine, which doesn't help us for an American audience. I am sorry that I can't be of help, especially because of the unusual way that you came to me. You might try some small publishers yourself and perhaps get some of the chapters published in journals. A stronger publishing history might work. Often, books are picked up when they've had a cover story in a magazine.
I wish you the best, and say hello to Karen. If you decide to try another project, please feel free to contact me again.
All best,

fourteen hours after receiving this letter, i submitted a new query to another agent.

never give up; never surrender.